BODY WORLDS - Exhibition of real human bodies

BODY WORLDS - Exhibition of real human bodies



  • — See the most interactive exhibition ever presented by BODY WORLDS, right in the beating heart of London
  • — Discover the amazing internal mechanisms of the human anatomy and get a sense of the body’s complexity
  • — Join the large number of guests who come away from BODY WORLDS feeling incentivized to live a healthier life


Pop open the hood of the human body and take a closer look at the extraordinary processes that keep us all breathing, feeling, and dreaming.

The sensational BODY WORLDS London will take you on a voyage beneath the skin, to see the vital organs and internal systems laid bare before your eyes. Real (preserved) human bodies that have been donated to science are displayed in this incredible educational exhibition that will make you think twice about how you treat your own body.

BODY WORLDS will give you a refresher course on why it’s so awesome to be alive! It’s hard not to feel like the proud owner of your very own central nervous system when you see just how state-of-the-art it is.

The initial squeamishness gives way to sheer awe as you see the vital organs that you take for granted each day. With 25% of people engaging in healthier lifestyles after visiting BODY WORLDS, it’s a great way to start appreciating yourself again!

Prepare to see the lung damage and cancerous growths caused by tobacco smoke up close and personal. Around 9% of people reported smoking less after visiting BODY WORLDS. If you’re trying to quit, this is as good a place as any to start!

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  • From £20
  • Daily
  • 10am - 7pm
  • Piccadilly Circus