The Medieval Banquet

The Medieval Banquet

food & drink

A night of historical feasting and raucous fun!


  • — This feudal festival takes place in a stunning vaulted-brick basement, built on the former quarters of the mystical-sounding Portspoken Knights
  • — Spend a jolly evening eating a sumptuous 4-course medieval meal with ale, wine and soft drinks included throughout the meal. It’s fit for a king (or a queen, or a page, or a maiden)
  • — Performers of prodigious talent entertain guests between courses: knights fight, dancers whirl and Henry VIII himself regales you with a medieval lullaby


Enter the world of round tables, mead goblets, and the cut-and-thrust of fine conversation. To spend an evening at The Medieval Banquet is to pass time as they used to: feasting and being entertained, as you and your rabble get roused. Good food, strong drink, and plenty of armored and foolish entertainment. If you suspect that London’s history lurks round every corner, here you get it thrust raucously in your face.

Come one come all, and get immersed in the days of yore. A feast of food, drink and entertainment, the Medieval Banquet immerses you in the high life of a thousand years ago. This event is no quiet romantic dinner: this is a night to party like it’s 1399!

The fact that it takes place in Ivory House, the former meeting hall of the Portspoken Knights just adds a dose of reality of this feudal food festival.

If you don’t know your Plantagenets from your Huguenots, fret not! This is no history lecture, this is a medieval party that doesn’t take itself seriously for a second.

A dressing-up cupboard lets you don the costume of king, queen, princess or page and get into the spirit. Yell for the serving wench when you want another goblet of the available drinks, and eat with your hands! And in-between courses: blasts of period entertainment.

Knights battle and dancers whirl right beside you; even Henry VIII gets in on the act with a medieval lullaby. And, once the medieval fun is over, finish off the night by dancing till you drop at the late-night disco party.

By evening’s end you’ll have a full stomach, a slaked thirst and be in high spirits. There’s no other night (or knight) quite like it.

  • From £50
  • Thurs-Sat at 19:15, Sun at 17:15
  • 4 hours
  • Ivory House, St Katharine Docks, E1W 1BP